Video Products

Here’s a list of my digital video products:


In this video we’ll be discussing the why and how of including  young  children in your dance program. This information is applicable to any type of dance, and is focused on the 3-7 age bracket. Topics covered include setting up your class room, registration, structuring choreography, discipline problems, talking to parents, ideas for when and how to promote to the next level, developing your own teaching style and more! It available for purchase as a digital download through Amazon. The price is $9.99, and you can find it here.

Need a finishing touch for your costume that really adds that WOW factor? Beautiful flowered headpieces make a big impact on stage! In this video I’ll be showing you techniques that you can use to build the headpiece that’s just right for your costume and dance style. It’s $9.99, and you can get it here.

Ever find flowers the perfect color for your costume, but can’t figure out how to but them together in a headpiece? In this class I’ll be showing you how to build flowered hair clips that allow you to take advantage of flowers that are more difficult to utilize due to their shape or construction.

This is a stand alone product, you don’t need to have already seen “Creating Flowered Headpieces for Dancers”. The cost is $7.99, click here to purchase.

Learn how to make your costume changes faster and less stressful! This class covers everything from simple steps you can take, to more complex planning that will make costume quick changes a breeze. This is a free class, to get registered click here. Or you can watch it on YouTube.  You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.